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Client Reviews

Looking for a Los Angeles Uber accident lawyer you can trust? Or a Lyft accident lawyer in LA who has the track record and experience you seek? Take a minute to read some of the following reviews, from actual clients who have had their rideshare accident claims successfully processed. Learn more about Lyft accident lawyers and Uber accident lawyers in Los Angeles and beyond!

I really appreciated the patience of the staff and the prompt information received. Car Accident Lawyer was very smart and fought the Uber insurance company after their driver hit me. Everything was handled quickly with return calls and information. They were so great with me even when I would get anxious about the accident. It was amazing. You helped me see that everything was going smoothly and lawyers are very good when in need.

Isabelle K.

The Firm was a great injury attorney assigned to me at Uber & Lyft Accident Lawyer, LLC Los Angeles, he was reasonable and very quick at responding to my questions! I highly recommend him for your legal matters!! He worked with me in every step of my car accident case with Uber explaining everything to me so I could understand! I got a great settlement when others told me that I was asking too much.

Peter H.

Thank you to Attorney and his staff for their excellent care and service. Your very aggressive approach with my claim. He fought to get me a settlement that he knew I deserved, especially after the injuries sustained. My settlement was more than I expected. I totally trusted Attorney and his staff to take care of my claim. They are truly personable, kind, accommodating and humble. I would definitely recommend (and return ) Attorney to my friends and family.
Thanks again

Mindy A.